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Water Pollution Control Manual


Table of Contents
Program Documents

State Revolving Fund Loan Program - Chapter 62-503 

Planning Documents

Request for Inclusion Form (Word or PDF)

Facilities Planning

Plans & Specifications (MSWord or PDF)

  • Review Checklist
  • Revised Plans and Specifications Checklist
  • Addenda Checklist

Supplementary Conditions (Equipment/Materials Contracts)

Supplementary Conditions (Construction Contracts)

Site Certification (Those projects designated as Cap Grant projects should contact the project manager for the appropriate forms.)

  • Clear Site Certifications PDF | MSWord
  • Limited - Land Purchased with SRF Assistance PDF | MSWord
  • Limited - Acquisition by Condemnation PDF | MSWord
  • Limited - Acquisition of Real Property Rights Easements and Right-of-Way PDF | MSWord
Bid/Contract Documents

Bid Submittal Checklist

Debarment Certification

Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise Certification

Certification of Contractor’s Insurance and Bonding

Loan Documents

Sample Legal Opinion (MSWord)

Sample Resolution (MSWord)

EPA Preaward Compliance Report

Loan Application Forms

Point Source Water Pollution Control - [62-503.900(2)] Non-Point Source Water Pollution Control - [62-503.900(3)]

Pro Forma Agreement for Construction Loan

Pro Forma Agreement for Preconstruction Loan

Pro Forma Agreement for Leveraged Loan

Disbursements Requests

For additional information, please contact Carleen Pruyn  at 850-245-8395 or via email.

For project sponsors with agreements with the "State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection" or with the "Florida Water Pollution Control Financing Corporation"

Use for loan agreements that include a preconstruction allowance

Use for loan agreements that do not include a preconstruction allowance

Last updated: March 19, 2015

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