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Corner of tabCertification and Restoration Program

Water Supply Restoration Program


Water Supply Extension ProjectContaminated drinking water wells are identified through the sampling efforts of the local County Public Health Units supported by FDEP funding. To optimize resources, wells are sampled in areas of known or suspected contamination, such as agricultural areas or near underground storage tanks.

The Super Act program at the Department of Health (DOH) concentrates its efforts in areas suspected to have petroleum related contamination and targets drinking water wells near known storage tanks for sampling. In addition, various solvent contaminants are frequently found when sampling near these tanks or other industrial facilities. 

The agricultural chemical sampling program looks for contamination related to use of pesticides or fertilizers. This program is a cooperative effort between DOH, the County Public Health Units, and FDEP.  Results are sent to the well owner or resident, and the applicable FDEP and DOH program coordinators.  Pesticide manufacturers occasionally participate in restoration and replacement efforts where their products contaminate drinking water wells.

Restoration & Replacement Activities

The property owner, when notified of the contamination, is asked to provide the information necessary to request restoration/replacement assistance. Participation is voluntary and this information must be received prior to any remedial action.

FDEP must determine the most cost-effective solution in response to each contaminated water supply. Where feasible, the preferred solution for a contaminated water supply is to replace it with a connection to a public water system. If a public water system is not available, or if a water line extension and connection is not cost-effective, a filter system is usually installed to remove the contaminant(s). In some circumstances, a new well may be constructed; however, this option is exercised only when chances are very good that the new well will meet all existing water quality standards for use as a potable water source. Before any restoration/replacement effort is put in place the well owner is notified of the allowable option we can offer.

Last updated: November 07, 2016

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