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Water Supply Restoration Program

Connection to Public Water Systems


Water Supply Extension Project
Water Line Extension Project

When a property with a contaminated potable water well is adjacent to distribution lines from a public water system, a connection to the public water system is almost always the most cost-effective solution. In this case, if the property owner accepts our assistance, the property owner must apply for service, and then the WSRP takes care of the rest.

Once the property owner requests the connection, the meter is installed, and the plumbing connection is made to the house by a licensed plumber, or the utility.  All costs associated with the connection, except any deposit and the monthly water bill, are paid by the WSRP.

When no lines are adjacent to the property, the WSRP requests an estimate from the utility for constructing a water line extension. The estimated cost for constructing the line is compared to the 10-year present worth cost of filtering the well(s) that would be replaced by the water line extension. Major water line extensions are possible when several contaminated wells are discovered in an area.

If a public water system is not available, or if a water line extension and connection is not cost-effective, a filter system is usually installed to remove the contaminant(s).  

Last updated: November 07, 2016

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