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FAQs for Continuing Education


  1. What is a CEU?

CEU is a continuing education unit given for continuing education. CEUs may be given in the form of classroom time or a seminar, self-study programs, and conferences. For operators, one CEU equals 10 hours of continuing education contact time.

  1. When will CEUs be required?

CEUS will be required each renewal cycle. Please make sure the courses you take are complete during the two years directly preceding the request for license renewal. Courses taken during that period will be applied as credit earned for that renewal cycle only.

  1. What is a Provider?

A Provider is a non-profit organization or educational institution accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) that will be approving courses for CEUs. The Certification and Restoration Program will not be approving every course and does NOT have a list of all the courses approved. You need to contact one or all of the Providers to obtain an approved course list.

  1. Will training courses taken for meeting the application for examination requirement be accepted for CEUs?

YES, but only if you are taking a course required for the next license class. For example, if you have a C license, you must take the required training courses for the B license (within the renewal period) for the training course to count as CEU credit. You can not have a C license and take the course for your A license. It is only for the next class.

Need further assistance or information regarding the program?

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Last updated: November 07, 2016

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