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Certification and Restoration Program Announcements

ATTENTION - You may now apply for your re-examination on-line!!!!

The Certification and Restoration Program is excited to announce the launch of our new electronic re-examination application.  You now have the option of applying for your re-examination via the Certification and Restoration Online Business Center.

Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

  1.  Go to Certification and Restoration Program home page.
  2.  Click on “Apply for My Re-exam On-line” in the top right hand corner of the page.
  3.  Register and establish an account.
  4.  Choose the exam type and level you wish to retake and follow the prompts.
  5.  Use your Visa or MasterCard to pay for your exam fee.
  6.  Your approval is immediate and an email will be sent to you with an approval letter and a receipt for your payment.

Please note that a new exam application cannot be created on-line until we receive your scores from our exam vendor.  Currently, it takes at about 7-10 business days from the date of your last examination before we receives your score.

As always, please contact our office at (850) 245-7500 for additional assistance.

Thank you,
Certification and Restoration Program

Need further assistance or information regarding the program?

Please feel free to call us at 850/245-7500
FAX us at 850/245-8410,
 or write to us at: Certification and Restoration Program
Division of Water Resource Management
2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 3506
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400

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  2600 Blair Stone Road M.S. 3500   Tallahassee, Florida 32399   850-245-8336 (phone) / 850-245-8356 (fax) 
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