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Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program (DWSRF)

Announcement: DWSRF Rules have been updated, effective 7-17-17.


water facility constructionThe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) Program provides low-interest loans to Eligible Entities for planning, designing, and constructing public water facilities.  The Department receives requests for funding throughout the year. The information is used to establish the project priority list for the following annual cycle. Funds are made available for Pre-construction Loans to rate-based public water systems, Construction Loans of $75,000 minimum or more, and Pre-construction Grants and Construction Grants to small financially disadvantaged communities. The Loan Terms include a 20-year (30-year for financially disadvantaged communities) amortization and low-interest rates. Small community assistance is available for communities having populations less than 10,000. Each year 15% of the funds are reserved exclusively for their use. In addition, small communities may qualify for loans from the unreserved 85% of the funds.

water tank storage contstructionLooking for forms or a copy of the rule?
The Drinking Water Manual provides general information about the Drinking Water SRF Program. It includes example documents, rules, forms, checklists, and standard form loan agreements. This manual is available in Word 6/Excel 5.0 format or as a PDF format.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Participation

Florida's participation rate goals are 9% minority owned businesses, and 3% women owned businesses.  Contractors wishing to use minority or women owned companies  should encourage them to complete a certification application. Example procedures to become a certified minority vendor are available at the links shown below.

Get information on all DWSRF loans from our interactive DWSRF mapping application.

Map of Florida showing locations of DWSRF funded projects.

Need further assistance or information regarding the program?
Please feel free to contact us. Contact information and mailing address for the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program.


Program Contacts

2017 Intended Use Plan

2013 DWSRF Annual Report

DWSRF Priority Lists

Green Project Business Cases

Current Interest Rate

Davis Bacon Guidance

Publications & Forms


Other Water Project Funding Sources

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell DEP I am interested in obtaining funds?... First step, fill out this Request for Inclusion Form

Other Links

Match your project to other funding sources!

Project assistance Request Forms are available. They will be reviewed by all groups, agencies and programs that provide financing to Florida utilities.  For more information on available funding, see the Florida Rural Water Association's brochure.

Last updated: July 25, 2017

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