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State Revolving Loan Program for Water Pollution Control Loan


Sewerage FacilityEligible Project Sponsors

 Cities, counties, authorities, and special districts responsible for sewerage services, stormwater management, and estuary protection are eligible for loans. The local government agency must generally own, operate, and maintain the facilities to be financed by a loan. Projects eligible for loans include new construction of and improvements to wastewater sewer systems, sewerage pump stations, sewerage treatment facilities, reclaimed water reuse facilities, stormwater management facilities, and estuary protection facilities.

Aerial View of Construction SitesConstruction Loans  

Construction loans, available to all project sponsors regardless of size, provide moneys for construction after planning and design are complete. Disbursements are made to project sponsors after costs are incurred. Disbursements during construction are generally made on a monthly basis.

Qualification Requirements

While the nature of a project will determine specific requirements, the general requirements for a construction loan are:
  • Plan cost-effective, environmentally and financially sound facilities consistent with local comprehensive plans.
  • Provide for public participation in the planning process.
  • Establish how the loan will be repaid.
  • Acquire the necessary project sites.
  • Design facilities consistent with the planning recommendations.
  • Obtain the necessary permit(s) to enable construction.

WaterPlanning Loans and Design Loans

Planning loans and design loans are available only to local governments. Planning loans provide funding for the preparation of facilities plan and related documents.  Design loans provide funds for the preparation of the bid documents and permitting.  Planning loans can be rolled over into design loans and design loans can be rolled over into construction loans.

Inflow/Infiltration Loans

Inflow/Infiltration Loans provide funds for projects that correct excessive inflow and/or infiltration problems.  These projects often combine certain aspects of planning, design, and construction so a new type of loan was recently created for these activities.

Qualification Requirements

Because planning and design do not need to be complete to qualify, the following general requirements are more abbreviated than for construction loans:

  • Identify and develop a schedule for project planning, engineering, and administrative activities.
  • Establish how the loan funds disbursed for planning, design, and administrative services will be repaid.
  • Develop a preliminary estimate for the project cost.

Last updated: November 07, 2016

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