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ERP Data Share - Logon Procedures

The ERP Data Share Logon Procedures are available for viewing and downloading in a Portable Document File (PDF) format.


The permit streamlining the State of Florida has experienced within the last 5 years has made it essential that the permitting agencies - the Department Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Water Management Districts (WMDs) - be able to share information about what each agency is permitting in the same geographic areas. Similar data sharing with the Army Corps of Engineers (COE) will be necessary once a comprehensive, statewide State Programmatic General Permit (SPGP) is developed. Therefore, in 1992, the DEP and the WMDs initiated informal discussions on the need to share permitting data between agencies. These discussions resulted in a joint grant application to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This grant was approved and funded under the Wetlands Protection State Development Grant program. The scope of the project was to develop and implement a mechanism to collect and share an agreed upon set of basic information about environmental resource permitting and compliance and enforcement actions between the WMDs, DEP, the COE and EPA. A pilot project was initiated between the South Florida WMD (SFWMD) to develop the basic framework for sharing the agreed upon set of information. Subsequent EPA and state funding, already available, will be used to extend this data sharing mechanism to the other WMDs.

The ultimate goals of the data sharing effort are to improve permit decisions on a watershed basis; and identify lands suitable for mitigation banking, other restoration activities, or acquisition by sharing a standard set of permitting information.

Workshop Summaries

October 25, 1996

July 25, 1996

June 18, 1996  

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Primary Participants from Each Agency

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
      Kathleen Swanson
      Carol Cody
  • South Florida Water Management District
      Marie-Christine Leavitt
  • Southwest Florida Water Management District
      Eileen Burns
  • St. Johns River Water Management District
      Bob Epting
  • Northwest Florida Water Management District
      David Barton
  • Suwannee River Water Management District
      Jon Wood
  • Environmental Protection Agency
      Jim Couch
  • Army Corps of Engineers
      Bob Barron


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