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Mitigation and Mitigation Banking Quick Links

Mitigation Banking

Mitigation banking is a practice in which an environmental enhancement and preservation project is conducted by a public agency or private entity (“banker”) to provide mitigation for unavoidable wetland impacts within a defined region (mitigation service area). The bank is the site itself, and the currency sold by the banker to the impact permittee is a credit, which represents the wetland ecological value equivalent to the complete restoration of one acre. The number of potential credits permitted for the bank and the credit debits required for impact permits are determined by the permitting agencies. UMAM is the method of assessment for banks established after February 2, 2004.

Chapter 373.4135  Florida Statutes states: “Mitigation banks and offsite regional mitigation should emphasize the restoration and enhancement of degraded ecosystems and the preservation of uplands and wetlands as intact ecosystems rather than alteration of landscapes to create wetlands. This is best accomplished through restoration of ecological communities that were historically present.”

The Mitigation Bank Statute, 373.4136 and Mitigation Bank Rule, 62-342 provide the framework for permitting banks. Mitigation banks are authorized by a State permit, issued by either a Water Management District or the Department, and by the US Army Corps of Engineers as a Mitigation Bank Instrument (MBI). The Corps maintains a website for federally approved or under-review wetland Mitigation Banks called “RIBITS”. The map below represents state-issued mitigation banks.

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Get list of all state-permitted mitigation banks as of 6/2014 (MSExcel File)


Select an agency below to get a list of bank names and permit numbers issued by that agency.

  • For more information on their banks, contact the agency or their website. You may also search the internet on the bank name, as many of the banks have websites.
  • New! Check DEP’s GIS Geodata Directory for updated shapefiles for Mitigation Banks and Mitigation Banks Service Areas.

Mitigation Banks issued by DEP

Mitigation Banks issued by South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)

Mitigation Banks issued by Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD)

Mitigation Banks issued by St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD)

For additional information please contact:

John Humphreys
Submerged Lands and Environmental Resources Coordination
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Email: john.humphreys@dep.state.fl.us
Phone: (850) 245 - 8487


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