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Florida Wetland Restoration Information Center

Search Tips

The following tips should help you get started using the Wetland Restoration Bibliography. If your search questions are not answered here, please see the Reference Web Poster Help or contact us.

  • The Quick Search only searches specific indexed fields (e.g. Author, Keyword, Periodical, Publication Year)
  • The Advanced Search is generally better to use. It allows searches on indexed fields or non-indexed fields (e.g. Title, Abstracts). This allows for a more specific search. You must pick these options in the "Fields to Search" drop-down list. Try a few options to see which one yields the best results.
  • Spelling and spacing does matter. Capitalization does not matter.
  • Click on the document icon next to your search results to view the full record.
  • While any keyword can be used when searching the wetlands database, below is a sample list of keywords to get you started.

Search Phrase Suggestions

by wetland type: freshwater marsh, salt marsh, mangrove, forested, seagrass

by wetland issue: hydrology, invasives, fire, plants, soils, seedbank, water quality, wildlife

by restoration topic: assessment, case studies, classification, community programs, guidebook, models, monitoring, planning, techniques

Last updated: June 30, 2015

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