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Florida Wetland Restoration Information Center

Restoration Guidance

Florida Ecological Restoration Case Studies

Florida Ecological Restoration Inventory Case Studies contains in depth descriptions and photographs of restoration implementation in the state of Florida. Case studies describe the restoration process for specific sites by compiling information about a project from site visits, restoration planning documents and monitoring reports. Details about site conditions, restoration goals, techniques to restore, adaptive management and monitoring are included.

To search case studies, visit http://feri.dep.state.fl.us and click Search Case Studies.

Reference Wetlands Mapping

An interactive map feature presenting examples of reference wetland communities. These wetlands have been identified by DEP staff and other wetland professionals as having exemplary qualities for that wetland type.

Tables of Florida Natural Communities Descriptions

Description File Type
Basin Wetland Descriptions Word
Floodplain Wetland Descriptions Word
Lacustrine Wetland Descriptions Word
Riverine Wetland Descriptions Word
Seepage Wetland Descriptions Word
Wet Flatlands Descriptions Word
Florida Wetland Communities HTML

For further guidance, please visit the restoration library and the following sources.

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Last updated: June 22, 2015

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