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Florida Ecological Restoration Inventory

 Project Needs Descriptions

  1. Analysis: Project needs additional analysis performed which can include site analysis (hydrodynamics, evaluation of impacts, etc.) or overall project analysis (fiscal needs, legal constraints, etc.).
  2. Community Support: General acceptance of the project scope of work is needed by those that it either directly or indirectly impacts or benefits.
  3. Equipment: Machinery, instruments, or other tools are necessary to implement the restoration project.
  4. Engineering Assistance: Project design and engineering is required. 
  5. Funding: Financial assistance is necessary for the successful implementation of the restoration project.
  6. Government/permitting approval: Applicable permits or approvals to carry out the implementation of the restoration project need to be obtained.
  7. Inventory: Project would benefit from surveying or documenting the natural and cultural features located on a site.
  8. Mapping: Project needs areas of interest delineated or cartographic representations of the spatial relationships between natural and/or cultural features located on or around a site.
  9. Modeling: Review and analysis of existing and potential relationships of ecological elements are needed for either a comparative reference system or for the restoration site. For example: given appropriate data a computer could generate a model of the future hydrological conditions of an area if certain conditions are met.
  10. Monitoring: the observation, measurement, and documentation of ecological elements needs to be initiated or continued to monitor the success of the restored site.
  11. Legal Assistance: an assistance provided by an attorney or other legal representative of the courts is needed to pursue the restoration project.
  12. Legislation: Current statutes and/or rules constrain the ability to implement the restoration project as designed and should be reviewed.
  13. Public Outreach: Educational materials or programs need to be developed in order to generate increased community awareness and involvement in the project
  14. Research: The structured investigation of any element of information missing from the potential restoration project.
  15. Training: In order to successfully implement the restoration project, staff, contractors, and/or volunteers need to receive additional training in restoration planning, design, or implementation (e.g. training in prescribed burning, planting techniques, system hydrology, etc.).
  16. Volunteers: individuals or community groups are needed to assist in a particular stage of the project.

Last updated: September 21, 2011

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