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Florida Ecological Restoration Inventory

Project Category Descriptions

  1. Cultural resource protection : Restoration activities would protect cultural resources by stabilizing medium, controlling erosion, or limiting access.

  2. Ecological protection : Restoration activities are aimed at protection ecological resources but may not involve ecological restoration per se. For example, constructing a dune walkover at a beach access point would protect the dune system by controlling access at the site.

  3. Exotic removal : Exotic removal is a component of the restoration project.

  4. Hydrologic restoration/enhancement : Restoration activities would involve earthmoving, filling of wetlands, or dredging of wetlands to restore hydrologic connection or normal conditions.

  5. Upland restoration/enhancement : Restoration activities would involve restoration/enhancements of upland habitats.

  6. Wetland restoration/enhancement: Restoration activities would involve restoration/enhancement of wetland habitats.

Last updated: September 21, 2011

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