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The Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP) program regulates almost all changes to the landscape that affect surface water flows. Changes to the landscape include clearing, grading, construction of structures, filling, and dredging, whether the work occurs in uplands, wetlands, or other surface waters (including wetlands and waters that are isolated). The program addresses impacts to resources caused by dredging and filling in wetlands and other surface waters, as well as stormwater runoff quality (stormwater treatment) and quantity (preventing flooding of other properties, slowing down flow, and draining of surface and ground waters). 

An ERP permit is a regulatory permit issued by the DEP, a water management district, or a delegated local program for work that affects surface water flows.

ERP Online Help provides the information and help you need to fill out a complete application, in addition to quick access to forms, rules, publications and important permitting topics.


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