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Environmental Resource Permitting


The Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) Program regulates activities involving the alteration of surface water flows. This includes new activities in uplands that generate stormwater runoff from upland construction, as well as dredging and filling in wetlands and other surface waters.  Two wetlands regulatory programs exist at the state level: a dredge and fill (wetland resource) permit program (WRP) within the limits of the Northwest Water Management District and an environmental resource permit (ERP) program throughout the rest of the state. Environmental Resource Permit applications are processed by either the one of the Department's districts or one of the state's water management districts, in accordance with the division of responsibilities specified in operating agreements between the Department and the water management districts.   For additional information, see "Overview of the Environmental Resource Permit Program" linked below.

What is the Wetland Resource Permitting Program (WRP)?

The Wetland Resource Permit program for the Florida panhandle is implemented by the FLDEP and regulates dredging and filling in waters of the state, which generally consist of waters connected to other “named” waters, including lakes of more than ten acres in size, but excluding isolated wetlands. The Northwest ERP rulemaking was authorized through amendments to S. 373.4145, F.S. in the 2006 legislative session to develop rules addressing stormwater quality and quantity. Rules for the Northwest ERP stormwater program were effective October 1, 2007. Additionally, the remaining components of the comprehensive ERP program, including isolated wetlands, are currently being written and are scheduled for completion no sooner than January 2008.For more detailed information on permitting please go to the Summary of the Wetland and Other Surface Water Regulatory and Proprietary Programs.




















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