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Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP) and Sovereign Submerged Lands (SSL) Rules

How to Find an ERP Permit on the FDEP Internet Site

You want to know if a particular ERP permit exists:

  1. Search the Department’s Permitting Application (PA) system. This search function will retrieve permit application(s) under review by FDEP based on the FDEP office processing the application, and when it was received by the Agency. When executing a search, specify the FDEP office and the date range in which FDEP received permit application(s) then press “Search.”
  2. If you want to know whether a particular site has a FDEP permit, you may also want to search using the Department’s “Map Direct” GIS application. First, zoom to your area of interest. Under “Layers”, select “PA” (or if you want to see only ERP permitting information, you may also choose “ERP PA”). Map Direct will show icons on all locations with associated PA data records. You may click with the information tool on any icon to view the permit number, permittee name, etc.


You wish to be notified of future applications for permits:

Create a subscription to the Department’s Permit Application Subscription Service (PASS) system. This free service enables you to customize your notification preferences, including selecting multiple application types and defining your geographic area of interest (by county, or within a defined radius from a point you select). The PASS system will automatically send you an email notification whenever the Department receives a permit application that meets your subscription criteria. The email will specify the type of authorization being applied for, and provide you with the application tracking number. With this information, you can contact your local Department District Office staff to obtain updates on the status of any application currently under review.


You wish to obtain a copy of a particular permit:

  1. The ERP program is implemented jointly by the Department and Florida’s five WMDs. You will need to determine which Agency issued the permit, and contact that office. After you identify the permit number of interest, contact the appropriate FDEP District or Water Management District (WMD) office to obtain a copy. Some WMD and FDEP District offices may have additional online application search options available.
  2. The ERP program was added to the Department’s Oculus document management system March 2012. Oculus allows both staff and the public to search and view many FDEP documents including permits. However, since the ERP program began using the system recently, not all ERP documents were inputted in Oculus yet or are accessible to the general public via the portal (July 2012). Documents will be available soon.

Last updated: September 11, 2013

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