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Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP) and Sovereign Submerged Lands (SSL) Rules Quick Links

Environmental Resource Permitting
What is the Environmental Resource Permit Program (ERP)?

The Environmental Resource Permit Program regulates activities involving the alteration of surface water flows. This includes new activities in uplands that generate stormwater runoff from upland construction, as well as dredging and filling in wetlands and other surface waters. Environmental Resource Permit applications are processed by either the Department or one of the state's water management districts, in accordance with the division of responsibilities specified in operating agreements between the Department and the water management districts. The Environmental Resource Permit Program is in effect throughout the State except for the Florida panhandle (within the limits of the Northwest Florida Water Management District). For additional information, see "Overview of the Environmental Resource Permit Program" and " Fact Sheet--Environmental Resource Permit Program," linked below.

What is the Wetland Resource Permitting Program (WRP)?

The Wetland Resource Permit program is in effect only to permits issued or applications determined complete before November 1, 2010 in the Florida panhandle (within the limits of the Northwest Florida Water Management District), and for certain activities that are grandfathered under Subsections 373.714(11)-(16) of the Florida Statutes.  It regulates any dredging, filling, or construction in, on, or over waters and wetlands that are connected, either naturally or artificially, to "named waters."  Named waters include the Gulf of Mexico, bays, bayous, sounds, estuaries, lagoons, rivers, streams, and natural lakes that are not wholly owned by one person other than the State.  



ERP and the Water Management Districts

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