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Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP)

Selected* ERP Application Notices 

This page provides links to view notices of receipt of applications for selected Environmental Resource Permits under review by DEP. The majority of such applications and notices are reviewed in the six DEP regulatory district offices; applications and notices for mitigation banks, most mining-related projects, and many projects associated with deepwater port facilities are reviewed at DEPís main office in Tallahassee. To determine the DEP district office in which a project or site is located, and to obtain contact information for each office, please view the DEP regulatory district contact page. For more information regarding the various ERP-related programs, visit the Submerged Lands and Environmental Resources Coordination Programís (SLERC) website.

The links below will redirect you to the websites of the appropriate district or program area, where the actual notices may be found. The regulatory districts maintain their own web pages, which may also contain notices for other regulatory programs in addition to ERP.


*The notices contained on these pages are only for applications that DEP staff reasonably expects to result in a heightened public concern or likelihood of request for administrative proceedings, based on the size, potential effect on the environment or the public, potential controversial nature, and the location of the activities.

Other Notifications: The Departmentís ERP program receives thousands of applications annually, most of which are for routine activities.  To search for an application or notice currently under review, please go to DEPís interactive permitting search page. To be automatically notified via email of any future applications or notices submitted to the Department, you may subscribe to DEPís Permitting Application Subscription Service or ďPASSĒ system. The PASS system allows you to tailor your subscription to specific regulatory program areas, types of applications and to specific geographic areas, including counties, or distance from a specific location.

Last updated: June 30, 2015

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