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Wetland Evaluation and Delineation Program

Wetland Communities - Hypersaline Flats and Salterns

SalternsHypersaline Flats and Salterns are WETLANDS created from marine overwash that evaporates to create a high salt content in the soil that effectively limits the growth of most vascular plant species. There are many variations of this community and classic examples in the Florida Keys and south Florida will include the following plants: black mangrove, saltwort, glasswort, salt grass, seaside dropseed grass, keys grass, sea oxeyes, christmas berry, sand cordgrass and sea-purslane.

To the right is a view of a hypersaline flat on Big Pine Key, Florida.

Typical plants of Hypersaline Flats and Salterns

Woody Plants

Botanical Latin Common Name Wetland Status
Avicennia germinans black mangrove OBL
Baccharis angustifolia false-willow OBL
Baccharis halimifolia eastern false-willow FAC
Borrichia arborescens tree seaside tansy OBL
Borrichia frutescens bushy seaside tansy OBL
Iva frutescens marsh elder OBL
Lycium carolinianum Christmas berry OBL


Herbaceous Plants

Botanical Latin Common Name Wetland Status
Batis maritima saltwort OBL
Distichlis spicata seashore saltgrass OBL
Limonium carolinianum sea-lavender OBL
Monanthochloe littoralis keygrass OBL
Salicornia bigelovii dwarf saltwort OBL
Sesuvium maritimum slender seapurslane FACW
Spartina patens saltmeadow cordgrass FACW
Spartina spartinae gulf cordgrass OBL
Sporobolus virginicus seashore dropseed OBL
Suaeda linearis annual seepweed OBL

Last updated: July 01, 2015

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