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GIS Projects


The GIS Subsection of the Data Services Section provides Geographic Information Systems support to program areas organized within the Bureau of Watershed Management.  Ongoing projects include:

Florida National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) GIS Coverage

Contacts:   Edwin Abbey at (850) 245-8550  Edwin.Abbey@dep.state.fl.us


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is maintaining the NHD as the framework dataset for all the Stream, River and Lake features in Florida. This dataset will also contain official names, ReachCode designations, basins, geometric network, assessment units and monitoring site locations in support of Watershed management and TMDL development. Current work includes performing periodic downloads from the national version, developing a methodology by which the Florida version may be improved and through which changes may be accepted by USGS and transferred back to the national model.

Outstanding Florida Waters GIS Coverage


Ronald Hughes (GIS) at (850) 245-8541 Ronald.Hughes@dep.state.fl.us and Janet Klemm (OFW Project Manager) Janet.Klemm@dep.state.fl.us


Outstanding Florida Waters, (OFW), are waters designated worthy of special protection because of their natural attributes. This special designation is applied to certain waters, and is intended to protect and maintain existing acceptable quality standards. The OFW layer is a GIS spatial dataset that represents the OFW boundaries throughout the state of Florida. This project involves adding new data to and modifying existing data within the OFW data layer for better accuracy and representation.  The OFW GIS layer may be downloaded from FDEPís GeoData Directory.

Updated Florida Panhandle Land Use and Land Cover GIS layer Development:


Contact: Janis Morrow at (850) 245-8543  janis.morrow@dep.state.fl.us


A team of photo interpreters is developing a GIS layer that describes the land use / land cover (LULC) occurring within an area defined by the Northwest Florida and Suwannee River Water Management District boundaries and as described by FDOTís Florida Land use, cover and forms classification system handbook (January 1999, Third Edition) is based on 2004 Digital Ortho Quarter Quad (DOQQ) program imagery that meets technical standards defined by Florida Department of Environmental Protectionís Geographic Information System and the needs of the Bureau of Watershed Managementís Total Maximum Daily Load Ė Impaired Waters Program. Work on this GIS layer began in January 2007 and is scheduled to conclude by January 2009.

Last updated: June 30, 2015

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