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Adoption of the Impaired Waters Rule


We are pleased to inform you that on April 26, 2001, the Environmental Regulation Commission (ERC) adopted the Department’s Proposed Impaired Waters Rule (IWR, Chapter 62-303, F.A.C.), with amendments. The IWR had been in development for almost two years, with Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings starting in July, 1999. The TAC, comprised of experts in specific scientific fields, was invaluable in developing the scientific basis for the rule. The Department is confident that the IWR sets a significant precedent for the country in bringing sound science to the 303(d) listing process.

Beginning the week of July 22, 2001, the Department is presenting to the public, through a series of public meetings and by way of this web page, a more complete picture of all the waterbodies within the watersheds being evaluated for possible placement on the 2002 list of impaired waters. Waters in these Group 1 basins that are determined to be impaired using the methodology in the rule "Identification of Impaired Surface Waters," Chapter 62-303, Florida Administrative Code and adopted by Secretarial Order at the end of August, will be submitted to EPA for approval as Florida's 2002 303(d) list. Using the links provided below, the public can access both the draft Master Lists and Verified Lists for the 6 Group 1 waters.

For more information, send e-mail to Kevin O'Donnell (Kevin.ODonnell@dep.state.fl.us)

Watershed Assessment
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