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Corner of tabWatershed Management Basin Rotation Project

Map of Florida showing Basin Groups.Basin411

For an interactive map, please see our go to the Verified Impaired WBIDs and TMDLs Map.

Basin Contacts Map

Basin Downloads

Date File Download Category
01-23-17 Florida Adopted TMDLs ZIP (1.6 MB) TMDL Assessment Data
4-24-17  WBID Run 53 WBID Runs
4-24-17 IWR Stations Run 53 IWR Stations Runs
09-21-16 Basin Rotation Groups Contact Map (Adobe PDF) Maps
09-08-15 WBID Run 50 (19 MB) WBID Runs
09-08-15 IWR Stations Run 50 (4.4 MB) IWR Stations Runs

Please Note:

  • For further information regarding the listing process, please contact Kevin ODonnell via email or at 850-245-8469.

  • Files are ZIP format files unless otherwise indicated, and contain shape file information for GIS applications.

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Last updated: April 28, 2017