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Adopted Verified Lists Of Impaired Waters for the Group 1 Basins

303(d) List for the Group 1 Basins, as Amended

The Department's 2002 Update to Florida's 303(d) List of Impaired Waters was amended by Secretarial Order on March 11, 2003. This order showed the changes to the verified and delist lists for the Group 1 Basins that were originally adopted by Secretarial Order on August 28, 2002, and submitted to EPA on October 1, 2002, however it did not provide a comprehensive, revised verified or delist list for the Group 1 Basins. The amended Verified Lists and Delist Lists for the Group 1 basins, are available at the following links:

While the amended verified lists are the current 303(d) lists for these basins, there was additional information provided about the lists in the original Documentation for the 2002 Update to the State of Florida's 303(d) List submitted to EPA. Interested parties may access this additional information at the following link, but are reminded that the lists included in that document have been amended.

2002 Update to Florida’s 303(d) List of Impaired Surface Waters

The lists below are the first step in the process of restoring impaired waters.  Once these waters have been accepted by EPA, the Department staff will begin developing TMDLs for these waters.  A TMDL represents the maximum amount of pollutant loading that can be discharged to a water body and have its designated uses be met.  The final step in this process will be the development, by watershed stakeholders and DEP, of a Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP).  The BMAP will specify the activities, schedule, and funding sources that point and nonpoint source dischargers will undertake to  restore the water body. 

Adopted Group1 2002 Verified Lists: (MSExcel Format)

Date Basin
08/28/02 Everglades West Coast Basin
08/28/02 Lake Okeechobee Basin
08/28/02 Ocklawaha Basin
08/28/02 Suwannee Basin
08/28/02 Tampa Bay Basin
08/28/02 St Marks / Ochlockonee River Basin*

*Adobe PDF Format

For more information regarding the Department's rotating Basin plan, please visit our "Basin 411" pages.

For more information, send e-mail to Kevin O'Donnell (Kevin.ODonnell@dep.state.fl.us)

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