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303(d) List


What is the 303(d) List?

Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act (CWA) requires states to develop a list of waters not meeting water quality standards or not supporting their designated uses. Chapter 99-223, Laws of Florida, sets forth the process by which the list is refined through more detailed water quality assessments. Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) are required for the waters determined to be impaired based on these detailed assessments because technology-based effluent limitations, current effluent limitations required by State or local authority, or other pollution control requirements are not stringent enough to meet current water quality standards.

Approval of the 1998 303(d) List

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4, approved the Florida 1998 303(d) List on November 24, 1998. The approval was based on the 303(d) List and accompanying correspondence submitted on September 17, 1998.

Background and Sources of information for the 303(d) List

The 303(d) List is based primarily on the state’s 1996 305(b) Water Quality Assessment Report ("305(b) report"), which uses a watershed approach to evaluate the state’s surface waters, ground waters, and wetlands. All existing and readily available water quality related data (chemical, physical, and biological) and information were assembled and evaluated in the development of the 305(b) report, including but not limited to data in EPA’s STOrage and RETrieval (STORET) database, the Statewide Biological Database (biological assessments), and fish consumption advisory information. To obtain more recent data, staff in the Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration met with staff from the state’s five Water Management Districts, solicited information from Department district staff, and received input from the public. All readily available data and information were used in the development of the 303(d) List.

EPA guidelines specify waters need not be included if other federal, state or local requirements have or are expected to result in the attainment and maintenance of applicable water quality standards.

More 303(d) Information

303(d) list background and history of the TMDL Program

Download the 1998 303(d) List in Adobe PDF Format (221K)

For the most updated 303(d) lists refer to the Watershed Assessment Lists.

EPA’s Watershed Assessment, Tracking & Environmental Results for Florida

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