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2002 Update to Florida’s 303(d) List of Impaired Surface Waters


On October 1, the Department submitted the 2002 update to Florida’s 303(d) list of impaired surface waters. The submittal document, Documentation for the 2002 Update to the State of Florida’s 303(d) List, includes the updated list of impaired waters and a list of water segments that are being delisted from the 1998 list, along with accompanying justification. It also summarizes the methodologies used in the development of the 303(d) list, the prioritization process for TMDL development of listed waters, and describes the public participation process used during list development.

The scope of this 2002 list submittal is limited to specific basins, termed “Group 1 Basins” (described in the submittal document), representing approximately one fifth of the state. As part of the Department’s Watershed Management Approach, the Department developed verified lists of impaired waters for the Group 1 Basins and, as required by 403.067(4), F.S., the lists were adopted by Secretarial Order (on August 28, 2002). These verified lists of impaired waters and waters to be delisted in the Group 1 Basins amend the 1998 303(d) list of impaired Florida waters maintained by the U.S. EPA. The Department plans to submit annual amendments to its 303(d) list as part of the Watershed Management Approach, which rotates through all of Florida’s basins over a five-year cycle. The planned annual updates of the 1998 list will provide a transition between the 1998 list and lists developed under the new methodology. Except for the listed Group 1 waters, the 1998 303(d) list will remain unchanged until the Department completes its assessment of waters on the 1998 303(d) list, and annually adopts, by Secretarial Order, basin-specific verified lists for Groups 2 through 5.

Florida’s 2002 303(d) list update was developed in accordance with recent EPA guidance for the preparation of Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Reports (Integrated Reports). While the submittal includes an integrated report for the Group 1 Basins, it is important to note that 303(d) lists are typically limited to waters in only one assessment category of the Integrated Report - Category 5. Water bodies in Category 5 are impaired for one or more designated uses by a pollutant(s), and thus require a TMDL. This category, which constitutes the basin-specific verified lists of impaired waters that were adopted by the Secretarial Order, is the focus of the 2002 update document. However, waters on the 1998 303(d) list that were placed in Category 3 due to insufficient information will remain on the 303(d) list maintained by EPA. We intend to monitor these waters as part of our watershed approach and evaluate them using the Impaired Waters Rule methodology in the future.

Main Submittal Document  (760 KB) (All documents are in Adobe PDF format.)

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