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Corner of tab Water Project Funding in Florida

Community Budget Issue Request (CBIR) Documentation


The following should give you some idea of the information you will be expected to provide when you complete a Community Budget Issue Request (CBIR) form. The application forms themselves are available only from the offices of your sponsoring legislators--DEP is not authorized to distributed CBIR forms.


Does the project qualify for funding under section 403.885, Florida Statutes?

Does it meet the criteria in s. 403.885, F.S., to 1) protect public health or the environment; and 2) implement plans developed pursuant to the Surface Water Improvement and Management Act created in part IV of Chapter 373, F.S., other water restoration plans required by law, management plans prepared pursuant to s. 403.067, F.S., or other plans adopted by local government for water quality improvement and water restoration?

What statewide interest does this project address as it relates to section 216.052(1), Florida Statutes?

Describe the project in sufficient detail that its implications and outcomes are clear.


What is the documented need for the project? Is it addressed in a state, regional or local plan? If so, you will need to identify the name of the plan and, potentially, where reference to your project appears.

What is its measurable outcome?  For example, will it reduce pollutant loadings and, if so, by how much? will it restore surface waters? will it eliminate a health hazard? will it provide an alternative water supply? You will be expected to identify the waterbody that will benefit from implementation of your project.

How much money are you requesting?

What is the total cost of the project?

How much matching money are you providing, what is the source of those funds, and what percentage of the total project cost does your match represent? (The percentage of matching funds is derived by dividing the amount of matching funds by the total project cost and multiplying by 100.)

Was the project previously funded through a line item appropriation in the state budget (that is, directly by the legislature in the General Appropriations Act during a given year)? If so, when?


Do you anticipate asking for money in future years?

Is the project being funded by any DEP water-related funding program (State Revolving Fund, Disadvantaged Small Community Grant Program, 319 Grant Program, or TMDL Grant Program?

Is the project under construction?


If you have questions, please contact DEP by e-mail at waterprojects@dep.state.fl.us or call Geof Mansfield at 850.245.3144 or 850.245.8339.

Last updated: June 30, 2015

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