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Water Management Districts

Northwest Florida WMD Suwannee River WMD St. Johns River WMD Southwest Florida WMD South Florida WMD Map of Florida's 5 Water Management Districts

The Department is involved in managing the quality and quantity of water through its relationship with the state's five water management districts (WMD) Northwest Florida WMD, Suwannee River WMD, St. Johns River WMD, South Florida WMD and Southwest Florida WMD, and the adoption and implementation of The Florida Water Policy and The Florida Water Plan. Water Management District Map, provided by the St. Johns River Water Management District.

Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, gives the Department "general supervisory authority" over the districts and directs the Department to delegate water resources programs to them where possible.

Pursuant to these delegations, the districts are authorized to administer flood protection programs and to perform technical investigations into water resources. The districts are also authorized to develop water management plans for water shortages in times of drought and to acquire and manage lands for water management purposes under the Save Our Rivers program. Regulatory programs delegated to the districts include programs to manage the consumptive use of water, aquifer recharge, well construction and surface water management.

As part of their surface water management programs, the districts (except for Northwest) administer the Department's stormwater management program. This law also increases the districts' contacts with local governments by directing the districts to help with the development of the water elements in local government comprehensive plans.

Water Management District


Phone Toll-Free Number

Northwest Florida WMD

81 Water Management Dr,
Havana, FL  32333

Suwannee River WMD

9225 CR 49
Live Oak, FL 32060
386-362-1001 800-226-1066
(Florida only)

St. Johns River WMD

P.O. Box 1429
Palatka, FL   32178
386-329-4500 800/-451-7106

Southwest Florida WMD

2379 Broad Street
Brooksville, FL  34604
352-796-7211 800-423-1476
(Florida only)

South Florida WMD

3301 Gun Club Road
West Palm Beach, FL  33406
561-686-8800 800-432-2045
(Florida only)

Last updated: September 21, 2011

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