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Water Conservation


Water conservation is the most important action we can take to sustain our water supplies, meet future needs, and reduce demands on Florida’s fragile water-dependent ecosystems such as lakes, streams and the Everglades.  In 2001, during one of the worst droughts in Florida’s history, the Department of Environmental Protection began an Initiative to identify additional measures to increase water use efficiency.   The Initiative was an open process where DEP, in close coordination with the state’s five water management districts, facilitated public meetings to develop specific water conservation recommendations. The final report was released in April 2002 with 51 priority recommendations for improving water use efficiency.  The implementation of the Initiative’s recommendations has resulted in the "Joint Statement of Commitment".

The “Joint Statement of Commitment for the Development and Implementation of a Statewide Comprehensive Water Conservation Program for Public Water Supply” (JSOC) is a written agreement by key public water supply partners in Florida to collaborate on measures to improve water use efficiency.

Based on the principles of the JSOC, the signatories are now developing a work plan with specific tasks, interim milestones, com­pletion dates, estimates of costs, and assignment of responsibilities.  The work plan is to be completed by February 2005 and will include recommendations for:

  • Developing standardized definitions and performance measures.
  • Establishing a clearinghouse for water conservation.
  • Developing and implementing a standardized water conservation planning process for utilities.
  • Developing and maintaining a Florida-specific water conservation guidance document.
  • Implementing pilot applications through cooperative agree­ments with volunteer utilities.

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Last updated: February 20, 2014