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Questions and Answers (Answers to commonly asked questions about the enhanced eDMR system)


Two eDMR presentations are available for review. The first, Introduction to Electronic DMR Submission, is a quick review of the DMR, electronic submission process and an introduction to the new and enhanced eDMR system. The second presentation, eDMR - How to Get Started, is a run-through of how to start submitting your DMRs electronically in the new eDMR system.

To view a PowerPoint presentation, go to the list below and select one of the following two presentations:

For best results, these files should be copied to your computer prior to opening. If you would like to read the presentation notes, they can be viewed in PowerPoint’s normal mode. (Please Note: These presentations are also available with audio. If you would like the audio versions, please contact us by email at eDMRadmin@dep.state.fl.us or by asking for the eDMR Administrator in Tallahassee by phone at 850-245-8567.)


  • eDMR Quick Guide  (A brief guide explaining how to log-in; create and submit a DMR; view previously submitted DMRs; and print a DMR using the eDMR system.)
  • eDMR System FULL User’s Guide  To receive a copy of this full, highly technical user guide developed by enfoTech & Consulting, Inc. and modified by FDEP, please feel free to contact the eDMR Coordinator at edmradmin@dep.state.fl.us.

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Last updated: July 01, 2015

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