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Required Information & Agreement Documents


Permittee eDMR Registration Information (Revised April 18, 2012)

Must be completed and submitted by permittees that wish to register their wastewater facility or facilities for electronic reporting. It allows for any changes to permit requirements that may be necessary to allow the identified facility to electronically submit DMRs. Finally, it allows the Permittee to identify or change authorized representatives who can view and enter data, or who may be assigned an electronic signature for the eDMR submittals.

Additional Part A&B (Revised May 2, 2012)

Must be completed and submitted by permittees when additional space is needed, when using the Permittee eDMR Registration Information document.

Electronic Signature Application Agreement (Revised April 17, 2012)

Must be completed, notarized and submitted to allow electronic documents to be submitted to the Department via the eDMR system. The reporting party (“Certifier”) who signs and returns this agreement will be issued the initial PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (PIN) by the Department in acceptance of the Certifier’s signed agreement. The document will NOT be accepted unless it has been properly notarized.

Inactivation Request (Revised March 8, 2011)

Must be completed and submitted by the permittee should they wish to discontinue submitting electronic DMRs.

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Last updated: July 01, 2015

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