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edmr logo "eDMR" text on top of florida outlineNew Enhanced Version Ė Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report (eDMR)

As part of the Departmentís ongoing efforts to improve business processes, we have been working with members of the regulated community to provide new and more efficient paperless alternatives for environmental reporting. The enhanced version of eDMR is more secure and user friendly than the original version. Some of the more notable improvements include:

  • Enhanced format & layout,
  • New copy-n-paste function,
  • Flags exceedances & errors,
  • Ability to attach critical files and documents,
  • Increased legal, security, and electronic signature functionalities, and
  • New data analysis, reporting and extraction procedures.

The Departmentís web-enabled eDMR system offers the advantage of less process for the regulated community. By offering several streamlined reporting options, the system offers significant labor savings for both the Department and the regulated community. Most importantly, while saving these costs, the system also increases timeliness.


Tools & Information (Presentations, Q&A ,Guides)

Wastewater Facility Participation Package (Including Facility & Certifier Application)

Required Information & Agreement Documents

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All wastewater facilities should strongly consider participating in eDMR. Most wastewater facilities are required to submit to the Department a monthly DMR which typically summarizes effluent quality or groundwater monitoring well results. eDMR simply provides an alternative way for facilities to submit these wastewater reports. Using an electronic process for submitting reports can represent significant labor savings while greatly increasing the data entry efficiency, accuracy, and overall reliability of this information.

NPDES facilities are highly encouraged to submit DMRs using this enhanced system. The eDMR system will accept electronic files from both NPDES facilities (facilities with a discharge to surface waters) and from wastewater facilities that use land application of effluent exclusively. The Department has been working closely with the USEPA to build a secure electronic reporting system that will meet both the state and federal needs.

Some of the benefits of eDMRs and the eDMR System include:

  • Save wastewater discharge facilities compliance costs with a streamlined reporting method and readily available computer tools,
  • Save program costs by reducing resources required for managing paper-based DMRs,
  • Improve accuracy of compliance data by eliminating potential errors that might otherwise be introduced through manual data entry in the database, and
  • Improve the DEP wastewater program's overall effectiveness with faster responses to data analyses, compliance assessment, and decision-making.

Discharge Monitoring Reports

Self-monitoring information generally includes any information which must be reported as a condition of a wastewater facility permit.

Routine self-monitoring data provides the Department with a reliable and fundamental source of a large quantity of effluent monitoring data. This information is reviewed to verify that wastewater facilities are meeting discharge limitations and not impacting ground water or surface water quality. The Department uses this information in conjunction with its inspection activities in order to ensure that the facilities are meeting their discharge limitations and are operating in accordance with Department requirements.

More information

For additional information on wastewater electronic reporting, please contact us by email at eDMRadmin@dep.state.fl.us or by asking for the eDMR Administrator in Tallahassee by phone at 850-245-8567.

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Last updated: February 08, 2012

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