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Cypress fringing a lake in North Florida (Photo by Shanin Speas)

Waters or waters of the state shall be as defined in Section 403.031(13), Florida Statutes. [Solely for the purpose of NPDES permitting, waters of the state are synonymous with waters of the United States. This means that a wholly owned isolated wetland that is receiving wastewater effluent or reclaimed water is permitted as waters of the state under this Chapter.]

Domestic Wastewater Wetlands Definitions


A complete list of wastewater to wetlands definitions are found in Rule 62-611.200, F.A.C.

Herbaceous Wetland

An area within the landward extent of waters of the state where herbaceous ground cover constitutes greater than 30% of the uppermost stratum.

Hydrologically Altered Wetland

A wetland in which the hydrologic regime has been altered prior to October 1, 1985, by drainage works which have directly resulted in substantial and continuing reduction in water levels.

Man-Made Wetland

A wetland which was created solely as a result of human activity, such as scraping or contouring of uplands or the land application of reclaimed water, that then comes within the landward extent of waters. A man-made treatment wetland does not include a wetland that was created as mitigation pursuant to a Department dredge and fill permit or consent order.

Receiving Wetland

A wetland within the landward extent of waters of the state used to receive reclaimed water that contain not more, on an annual average basis, than the following concentrations (Advanced Wastewater Treatment Standards):  

  1. Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand 5 mg/L
  2. Total Suspended Solids 5 mg/L
  3. Total Nitrogen (as N) 3 mg/L
  4. Total Phosphorus (as P) 1 mg/L

Secondary Treatment

Wastewater treatment to a level that will achieve the effluent limitation specified in Rule 62-600.420, F.A.C.

Treatment Wetland

A wetland within the landward extent of waters of the state used to treat reclaimed water that has received secondary treatment with nitrification.

Woody Wetland

An area within the landward extent of waters where woody vegetation constitutes equal to or greater than 70% of the uppermost stratum.

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Last updated: July 26, 2012

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