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Domestic Wastewater to Wetlands Program
Orlando Easterly Wetlands - Community Participation


Signs in the Park help guide visitors at the Orlando Easterly Wetlands (Photo by Adam Comerford - Nov 11, 2000)A large portion of the Orlando Easterly Wetlands Reclamation Project is open as a City of Orlando park eight months of every year. During this time, the city estimates that more than 10,000 people visit the park annually. The park offers many passive recreational opportunities, including hiking, jogging, and bicycle riding. In addition to providing opportunities for the activities of individuals, the City of Orlando began sponsoring an annual Orlando Wetlands Park Festival in 1999. The festival attracted more than 500 people. Festival participants were treated to guided nature walks and bicycle rides, guided bus tours, various presentations regarding wetlands and wildlife, numerous demonstrations, and many different display booths. Because of the success of the festival, it will become an annual event.

The park offers an abundance of scenic views for visitors who wish to enjoy the beauty of Florida wildlife in a natural habitat. Environmental organizations participate in various activities within the park, such as the annual butterfly survey. Audubon Society groups frequently sponsor bird-watching tours within the park, and the Florida Native Plant Society holds native plant hikes.

Community participation at the park also involves volunteer support to enhance wildlife habitat. Examples include a conservation day held by several Boy Scout troops that constructed bird houses and bat boxes for installation at the park, and the planting of 2,000 pine tree seedlings for enhancement of natural areas by a Cub Scout pack.

Area schools with environmental education programs frequently use the park as a natural laboratory, research facility, and an example of the current trend toward socially responsible environmental management. Additionally, 10 to 15 tours each year are given to delegates and representatives of foreign countries who are interested in economical alternatives for wastewater disposal.

For more information about tours or to book a tour contact:

City of Orlando
Public Works Department
Wastewater Bureau
5100 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32811

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