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Domestic Wastewater Pretreatment Program Downloads


There are a number of items that may be useful to those interested in pretreatment. Below are links to download selected files or documents related to pretreatment.

If you have items that you would like to make available for downloading or have suggestions for information that you would like to see, please contact one of the pretreatment staff at (850) 245-8605.

Some of the downloads will require a ZIP utility software to extract the files. WinZip offers a free evaluation version; however, there are others that will work as well.

FDEP Pretreatment Documents and Guidance

Local Limit Information and Development System, LLID2020

The Local Limits Development System (LLIDS) was developed by Florida Department of Environmental Protection (Department) engineering staff in 1998, and it has been updated and revised over the years. LLIDS was developed to assist in developing local limits, which are a requirement of the federally mandated program Pretreatment Program, regulated under 40 CFR 403. The most recent revision (LLID2020) was made in 2015 to include the U.S. EPA’s 2012 Guidelines for Water Reuse (EPA/600/R-12/618), update various references, and to permit the software to function on 64-bit computers running Microsoft Windows 7/10.

Identification of Wastewater Violations

EPA's Pretreatment Program and Pretreatment Related Downloads

EPA's Treatability database which provides fate and transport information as well as summaries of treatment efficiencies for a wide variety of pollutants in different matrixes including domestic and industrial wastewater.

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Last updated: January 13, 2016

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