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Domestic Wastewater Forms

Welcome to the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) domestic wastewater forms web page. Below is a table of DEP’s Domestic Wastewater Forms.

Forms may be submitted electronically or by hard-copies. If you want to submit a form electronically to DEP, please review the Electronic Submission Instructions and Domestic Wastewater Permit Application Fees documents prior to submitting the form.  If your facility is regulated by a delegated local program and you want to submit a form electronically, please contact your delegated local program. Also, please note the following:

  • Forms 62-620.910(1), (2), (8), (9), and (11) should not be submitted electronically by facilities permitted to discharge to surface waters [i.e., facilities that are permitted under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program and have a permit number beginning with “FL0”]. Applications for revisions to NPDES permitted facilities (not including transfers) which do not affect the surface water discharge may submit the forms electronically. Refer to the Instructions for each form for more information.
  • Multiple hard copies are not required for forms submitted electronically; an electronic copy constitutes the multiple copies that are required by Rule 62-620.310(3), F.A.C.

If you do not have the capability or do not want to submit a form electronically, hard copies of the completed form with all required attachments and fees should be mailed to the appropriate offices indicated on each form.

Get more information on the domestic wastewater permitting process, rules, and statutes and on how to apply for a permit.




62-604.300(8)(a), Notification/Application For Constructing A Domestic Wastewater Collection/Transmission System Instructions for 62-604.300(8)(a)
62-604.300(8)(b), Request For Approval To Place A Domestic Wastewater Collection/Transmission System Into Operation  Instructions for 62-604.300(8)(b)
62-606.400(4)(a), Gambling Vessel Registration Form Instructions for 62-606.400(4)(a)
62-606.400(4)(b), Gambling Vessel Verification of Marine Waste Treatment System Instructions for 62-606.400(4)(b)  
62-610.300(4)(a)1, Notice of Intent to Use General Permit for Addition of a Major User of Reclaimed Water Instructions for 62-610.300(4)(a)1
62-610.300(4)(a)2, Annual Reuse Report Instructions for 62-610.300(4)(a)2
62-610.300(4)(a)3, Application for Permission to Place a Public Access Reuse System in Operation Instructions for 62-610.300(4)(a)3
62-610.300(4)(a)4, Pathogen Monitoring Instructions for 62-610.300(4)(a)4
62-620.910(1), Wastewater Facility or Activity Permit Application—General Information—Form 1 Instructions for 62-620.910(1)
62-620.910(2), Wastewater Permit Application Form 2A for Domestic Wastewater Facilities Instructions for 62-620.910(2)
62-620.910(8), Permit to Discharge Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activity Application Form 2F (Revised 10/23/00) Instructions for 62-620.910(8)
62-620.910(9), Application for a Minor Revision to a Wastewater Facility or Activity Permit (Revised 10/23/00) Instructions for 62-620.910(9)
62-620.910(11), Application for Transfer of a Wastewater Facility or Activity Permit (Revised 10/23/00) Instructions for 62-620.910(11)
62-620.910(12), Notification of Completion of Construction for Wastewater Facilities or Activities (Revised 10/23/00) Instructions for 62-620.910(12)
62-620.910(13), Notification of Availability of Record Drawings and Final Operation and Maintenance Manuals (Revised 10/23/00) Instructions for 62-620.910(13)
62-620.910(16), Request for Approval of Monitoring Plans for Discharge of Domestic Wastewater to Wetlands Instructions for 62-620.910(16)
62-621.500(2)(c), Notice of Intent to Use a Generic Permit for Domestic Wastewater Facilities Under Rules 62-621.500(2)(a) or (b), F.A.C. Instructions for 62-621.500(2)(c)
62-640.210(2)(a), Treatment Facility Biosolids Plan Instructions for 62-640.210(2)(a)
62-640.210(2)(b), Treatment Facility Biosolids Annual Summary Instructions for 62-640.210(2)(b)
62-640.210(2)(c), Biosolids Application Site Annual Summary Instructions for 62-640.210(2)(c)
62-640.210(2)(d), Biosolids Site Permit Application Instructions for 62-640.210(2)(d)
62-640.210(2)(e), Biosolids Application Site Log Instructions for 62-640.210(2)(e)

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Last updated: November 18, 2016

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