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SOP Changes

List of Changes to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The following is a summary of the changes to the field and lab SOPs. Please contact Michael Blizzard for further information.

Field SOPs

SOPs Change
FA 1000 Adds proficiency evaluation criteria for the Lake Vegetation Index (LVI) procedure. Adds recommended training procedures and proficiency evaluation checklists for conducting Stream Condition Index (SCI) sampling and stream habitat assessments to the Appendix. 
FQ 1000 Clarifies language in the Field Quality Control SOP concerning the collection of blank samples for certain applications.
FS 1000 Clarifies and updates the sample preservation and holding time tables, which include new EPA requirements and additional information for analytes required for certain DEP programs.  
FS 2000 Adds a discussion on composite sample types and a procedure for sulfide sampling. Updates the procedure for cyanide sampling.
FS 2100 Adds a procedure to collect grab samples with prepreserved containers.
FS 2200 Updates the Groundwater sampling SOP to: add special procedures for purging and sampling deep, large-volume, high-recharge wells; to clarify groundwater sample filtration procedures; to allow the collection of water samples directly through the peristaltic pump-head assembly for extractable organic compounds; and, to address other miscellaneous issues.
FS 2400 Adds the option for the collection of water samples directly through the peristaltic pump-head assembly for extractable organic compounds.
FS 7000 Adds a minimum wait period for sampling for biorecon or SCI after flood events and clarifies the criteria for determining flood conditions. Revises the definition of productive and minor habitats for biorecon and SCI sampling. Makes minor revisions to the SCI sampling procedure. Revises the Qualitative Periphyton Sampling Procedure. Adds the Rapid Periphyton Survey (RPS) and the Lake Vegetation Index (LVI) sampling procedures. Adds the RPS and LVI field sheets.
FT 1400 Changes the calibration acceptance criterion (verification with NIST-traceable thermometer) to ± 0.5 oC.
FT 1500 Updates the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) field testing procedure to allow use of the Luminescent DO sensor technology as an approved device.
FT 1700 Clarifies the procedure for observing the Secchi disk from a boat.
FT 2100 Deleted (Field Oxidation Reduction Potential)
FT 2200 Deleted (Field Sulfite)
FT 2300 Deleted (Field Sediment Oxygen Demand)
FT 2400 Deleted (Field Dissolved Gases)
FT 3000 Adds a definition of a typical stream transect and an example of how to observe stream velocity. Updates the stream habitat assessment procedure and the stream habitat assessment field sheet.
Forms Selected forms are revised, consolidated or removed from various SOPs.
References References listed at the end of many of the SOPs have been deleted (if outdated) or moved into the text of the SOPs in appropriate sections.


Laboratory SOPs

SOP Change
LD 1000 Adds documentation requirements for the LVI determination.
LQ 1000 Adds optional quality control procedures for the LVI determination.
LT 7000 Updates the Stream Condition Index (SCI) and the BioRecon (Rapid Bioassessment Method) Index calculation and scoring procedures based on the results of a recent recalibration analysis. Adds the LVI scoring procedure, based on the report  “Assessing the Biological Condition of Florida Lakes:  Development of the Lake Vegetation Index (LVI)", Fore, 2007. Deletes the LCI scoring and categories table. Updates the reference to the revised report,  "Development and Testing of Biomonitoring Tools for Macroinvertebrates in Florida Streams" (Fore, 2007). Adds a reference to an important SCI training and reference document, “Sampling and Use of the Stream Condition Index (SCI) for Assessing Flowing Waters:  A Primer” (FDEP, Environmental Assessment Section, Bureau of Laboratories, DEP/EA/002/07, June 2007).

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