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Revisions to the DEP QA Rule (62-160, F.A.C.)

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is revising the DEP Quality Assurance Rule, 62-160, F.A.C.

Revisions were also made to the documents incorporated into the Quality Assurance Rule, including the DEP SOPs, “DEP Standard Operating Procedures for Field Activities” (DEP-SOP-001/01) and “DEP Standard Operating Procedures for Laboratory Activities” DEP-SOP-002/01).These proposed revisions also include changes to other documents incorporated by reference into the rule.

View a revised Statement of Estimated Regulatory Costs (SERC) for the revisions to the QA Rule (June 3, 2014)

Summary of Proposed Revisions

In summary, the proposed revisions are intended to address routine updates and enhancements to the QA Rule and the above incorporated documents, and will generally provide for clarification and improved flexibility. The current round of revisions are the result of stakeholder comments and additional research which have been incorporated into the draft documents since the public workshops held in October 2011 and September 2012.   The comment period has now ended. 

Note about SOPs for Biological Procedures

DEP SOP subparts associated with the BioRecon, Stream Condition Index, and Lake Vegetation Index (and Associated Primers) were reorganized and revised in association with Numeric Nutrient Criteria  (NNC) rulemaking, and finalized on 10/24/11 for Rules 62-302 and 62-303, F.A.C. These SOPs, which are incorporated by reference into Rules 62-302 and 62-303, F.A.C., will be incorporated by references in the QA Rule (62-160, F.A.C.) once its revisions are finalized. At a later date, Rules 62-302 and 62-303, F.A.C., will be modified to reflect that the SOPs are part of the QA Rule (62-160, F.A.C.).

Stay Informed!

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As they become available, we will notify you, via the Quality of Science eNewsletter, when we publish the final revisions to the QA Rule and DEP SOPs on our webpage. We’ll also send you additional information as needed to keep you informed. If you’re not already signed up to receive the newsletter, do it now!

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