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Water in Numerical Order

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Chapter 18

Chapter Title Description
18-14 Administrative Fines for Damaging State Lands or Products Thereof  
18-18 Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve  
18-20 Florida Aquatic Preserves  
18-21 Sovereign Submerged Lands Management (Forms)  

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Chapter 40

Chapter Title Description
40B-1 General and Procedural Rules Effective:  10/03/95
40B-4 Regulations Effective:  10/03/95
40B-400 Environmental Resource Permits Effective:  10/03/95
40C-1 Organization and Procedure Effective:  10/03/95
40C-4 Environmental Resource Permits: Surface Water Management Systems Effective:  10/03/95
40C-8 Minimum Flows and Levels Effective:  10/03/95
40C-40 Standard General Environmental Resource Permits Effective:  10/03/95
40C-41 Surface Water Management Basin Criteria Effective:  10/03/95
40C-42 Regulation of Stormwater Management Systems Effective:  10/03/95
40D-1 Procedural Effective:  09/04/05
40D-4 Individual Environmental Resource Permits Effective:  09/04/05
40D-8 Water Levels and Rates of Flow Effective:  09/04/05
40D-40 Standard General Environmental Resource Permits Effective:  09/04/05
40D-45 Surface Water Management for Mining Materials other than Phosphate (REPEALED) Effective:  09/4/05
40E-1 General and Procedural Effective:  10/03/95
40E-4 Surface Water Management Effective:  10/03/95
40E-40 General Surface Water Management Permits Effective:  10/03/95
40E-41 Surface Water Management Basin and Related Criteria Effective:  10/03/95

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Chapter 62B to 62C

Chapter Title Description
62B-26 Setback line The legal description of the location of the Coastal Construction Control Lines in the coastal counties of Florida.
62B-33 Coastal Construction Control Line Rules and Procedures for Permits for construction seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line
62B-34 Coastal Construction Control Line Rules and Procedures for General Permits for activities seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line
62B-36 Beach Management Assistance Program Governs policy on the ranking and cost sharing of state-funded restoration and inlet management projects. Provides procedures for executing a comprehensive, long-range, statewide beach management plan for the protection of Florida's critically eroded shoreline.
62B-41 Rules and Procedures for Application for Coastal Construction Permits Contains criteria and procedure for obtaining a Coastal Construction permit.
62B-49 Joint Coastal Permits and Concurrent Processing of Proprietary Authorizations Contains the rules and procedures for obtaining a Joint Coastal Permit pursuant to section 161.055, Florida Statues.
62B-54 Administrative Fines and Damage Liability Provides a method for determining the amount of fines or damages to be assessed for violations pursuant to 161.054 FS, and the procedure for imposing and collecting such fines or damages.
62B-55 Model Lighting Ordinance for Marine Turtle Protection Designates coastal areas utilized, or likely to be utilized, by sea turtles for nesting, and to establish guidelines for local government regulations that control beachfront lighting to protect hatching sea turtles.
62B-56 Rules and Procedures for Using Sand-Filled Geotextile Dune Cores (Permits for Construction and Maintenance) Provide the criteria for constructing and maintaining sand-filled geotextile containers used as dune core structures for coastal armoring.
62C-16 Mandatory Phosphate Mine Reclamation Administrative procedures and reclamation standards for land disturbed by mining operations related to the extraction of phosphate rock or any other person who is obligated to reclaim mined lands pursuant to subsection 211.32(1), F.S.
62C-17 Master Reclamation Plan for Lands Disturbed by  the Severance  of Phosphate prior to July1, 1975 Administrative procedures and reclamation standards that implement the provisions of Part I of Chapter 378, F.S. related to the reclamation of lands mined for phosphate prior to July 1, 1975.
62C-25 Conservation of Oil and Gas: General  
62C-26 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Permitting  
62C-27 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Drilling  
62C-28 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Production and Flowlines  
62C-29 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Injection Wells, Well Workovers, and Abandonments  
62C-30 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Wetlands and Submerged Lands  
62C-35 Certification to Administer Reclamation Rules Procedures for local governments to petition for delegation of authority to administer the mined land reclamation program.
62C-36 Limestone Reclamation Requirements Administrative procedures and reclamation standards for land disturbed by mining operations related to the extraction of material composed principally of calcium or magnesium carbonate, including limestone, dolomite, shell and coquina.
62C-37 Heavy Mineral Reclamation Requirements Administrative procedures and reclamation standards for land disturbed by mining operations related to the extraction of resources found in conjunction with sand deposits which have a specific gravity of not less than 2.8, including zircon, staurolite, and titanium minerals.
62C-38 Fuller's Earth Reclamation Requirements Administrative procedures and reclamation standards for land disturbed by mining operations related to the extraction of clay possessing a high absorptive capacity and consisting of montmorillonite or palygorskite (also known as attapugite).
62C-39 Reclamation Requirements for Solid Resources Other Than Phosphate, Limestone, Heavy Minerals, and Fuller's Earth Administrative procedures and reclamation standards for land disturbed by mining operations related to the extraction of material such as gravel (noncarbonate), sand, clay (other than fuller's earth), dirt, soil, peat.

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Chapter 62-4 to 62-345

Chapter Title Description
62-4 Permitting DEP's general authority to issue permits
62-25 Regulations of Stormwater Discharge For grandfathered activities in accordance with Sections 373.414(11, 12a, 13, 14, 15) and Section 373.4145(6), F.S.
62-40 Water Resource Implementation Rule Provides water policy goals, objectives, and guidance for the development and review of programs, rules, and plans relating to water resources.
62-113 Delegations Lists delegation agreements which have been entered into by the Department with another state agency, political subdivision, or water management district.
62-160 Quality Assurance Defines the minimum field and laboratory quality assurance, methodological and reporting requirements of the Department
62-301 Surface Waters of the State

Applicable only to certain grandfathered activities under Sections 373.414(12), (13), (14), (15), or (16), F.S., or 373.4145(6), F.S.

Note: This is a link to the most recent version of this the rule. For a 01/08/96 edition, for grandfathered activities, please see the 1996 version.

62-302 Surface Water Quality Standards

(Table  62-302.530 - Surface Water Quality Standards)

Establishes the minimum criteria which are necessary to protect the designated uses of a water body,the classification of surface waters, lists specially protected Outstanding Florida Waters.
62-303 Identification of Impaired Surface Waters  
62-304 Total Maximum Daily Loads Establishes Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), and their allocations, for waters that have been verified to be impaired by a pollutant pursuant to Chapter 62-303, F.A.C.
Dredge and Fill Activities  Except within NWFWMD (Grandfathered Activities) 1995 version of rule — ONLY applies to activities qualifying for grandfathering under sections 373.414(11), (12), (13) or (14), F.S., OUTSIDE of the Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD); for mining activities also see BMMR Rules
Dredge and Fill Activities Within NWFWMD  (Grandfathered Activities) 2007 version of rule — For activities qualifying for grandfathering under sections 373.4145(6), F.S., within the NWFWMD
62-312 Dredge and Fill Activities (Monroe County) [Part IV, Sections 62-312.400-.470] Current version of rule — ONLY applies to activities within the Outstanding Florida Waters of Monroe County — used together with the Environmental Resource Permit rules
62-330 Environmental Resource Permitting Incorporates by reference rules of the WMDs used by DEP to implement the ERP program, including Noticed General Permits used statewide
62-340 Delineation of the Landward Extent of Wetlands and Surface Waters Provides a unified statewide methodology for the delineation of the extent of wetlands and surface waters.
62-342 Mitigation Banks  
62-343 Environmental Resource Permit Procedures (Forms) Except within the NWFWMD region
62-344 Delegation of the Environmental Resource Program to Local Governments (Forms) Except within the NWFWMD region
62-345 Uniform Wetland Mitigation Assessment Method (Forms)  
62-346 Environmental Resource Permitting in Northwest Florida Provides the requirements for processing environmental resource permits under 373.4145, F.S., and formal determinations of the landward extent of wetlands and other surface waters within the geographical jurisdiction of the NWFWMD.

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Chapter 62-503 to 62-560

Chapter Title Description


State Revolving Loan Program  for Water Pollution Control  


Small Community Wastewater Construction Grants Program  
62-520 Ground Water Classes, Standards, and Exemptions Defines ground water classes, ground water quality standards, and procedures for water quality exemptions. Permitting and monitoring requirements for installations discharging to ground water, including zones of discharge.
62-521 Wellhead Protection Rule Permitting requirements and prohibitions for installations within wellhead protection areas.
62-522 Ground Water Permitting and Monitoring Requirements Sections repealed or transferred to Chapter 62-520, F.A.C.
62-524  Delineation Rule Requirements for construction and testing for potable wells within a delineated area.
62-528 Underground Injection Control Establishes criteria for the construction and operation of injection wells.
62-531 Water Well Contractor Licensing Requirements Requirements for becoming a licensed water well contractor and disciplinary actions.
62-532 Water Well Permitting and Construction Requirements Requirments to obtain a permit and construct a water well.
62-550 Drinking Water Standards, Monitoring and Reporting Establishes the primary and secondary drinking water standards.  Provides treatment, monitoring, and reporting requirements for Public Water Systems.
62-550.800 Lead and Copper Rule Adopted by Reference, EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule, 40 CFR 141, Subpart I


State Revolving Fund Program for Drinking Water Facilities  
62-555 Permitting and Construction of Public Water Systems Construction, operation, and maintenance standards for public water systems as well as treatment and monitoring requirements for water systems which use surface water. 
62-560 Requirements for Public Water Systems that are out of Compliance Adopts EPA rules on the actions a water system must take when it is not in compliance with the established standards

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Chapter 62-600 to 62-625

Chapter Title Description
62-600 Domestic Wastewater Facilities Provides minimum standards for the design and operational criteria of domestic wastewater facilities.  Establishes minimum treatment requirements for domestic wastewater facilities.
62-601 Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring
  • Figure 1 - Approved Test Procedures
  • Figure 2 - Minimum Schedule for Sampling and Testing of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring Parameters
  • Figure 3 - Minimum Ground Water Monitoring Schedule
Establishes minimum requirements for monitoring of domestic wastewater facilities.
62-602  Drinking Water and Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators Establishes requirements for certification of drinking water and domestic wastewater treatment plant operators.
62-603 Detergents Establishes limitations on the amount of phosphorus contained in domestic household laundry detergents sold in the state.
62-604 Collection Systems and Transmission Facilities Establishes design, construction, and operation requirements for wastewater collection and transmission systems.
62-606 Releases from Gambling Vessels Addresses the releases of wastes from gambling vessels operating in Florida coastal waters and the minimum waste-service demand to be met by berth/waterfront-land facility owners, as required by Chapter 2008-231, Laws of Florida, Clean Ocean Act, which created Section 376.25, F.S. (2008).
62-610 Reuse of Reclaimed Water and Land Application Defines reuse as the deliberate application of reclaimed water, in compliance with Department rules, for a beneficial purpose. Provides a comprehensive and detailed set of requirements for the design and operational criteria of a wide range of reuse and land application systems consistent with EPA's Guidelines for Water Reuse.
62-611 Wetlands Application Provides State regulations and standards for domestic wastewater discharges to wetlands, both man-made and natural.  Establishes frequencies and monitoring criteria for all treatment, receiving and man-made wetlands.
62-620 Wastewater Facility and Activities Permitting Establishes the procedures to obtain a permit to construct, operate or modify domestic and industrial wastewater facilities.  Includes requirements for establishing permit limitations and conditions.  Contains requirements for monitoring and reporting after the permit is issued.
62-621 This chapter sets forth the procedures to obtain National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Non-NPDES generic permits authorized under Chapter 403, Florida Statutes (F.S.), and Chapter 62-620, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) Establishes procedures for and incorporates by reference generic permits which operate as NPDES general permits in Florida. These include:
  1. Construction generic permit
  2. Multi-Sector generic permit
  3. Small MS4 generic permit
62-624 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems Establishes procedures for permitting Phase I and II municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s).
62-625 Pretreatment Requirements for Existing and New Sources of Pollution Establishes pretreatment requirements as part of the State National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).  Provides for the protection of domestic wastewater facilities from pass through or interference from pollutants contributed by industrial users of the domestic wastewater facility.

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Chapter 62-640 to 62-699

Chapter Title Description
62-640 Domestic Wastewater Biosolids Defines Biosolids as the solid, semisolid or liquid residue generated during the treatment of domestic wastewater in a domestic wastewater treatment facility but not including solids removed from pump stations and lift stations or screenings and grit removed from the preliminary treatment components of domestic wastewater treatment facilities.  Regulates the beneficial use of biosolids in Florida, including the distribution and marketing of biosolids and the land application of biosolids.
62-650 Water Quality Based Effluent Limitations Establishes guidelines for the Water Quality Based Effluent Limitations (WQBEL) determinations, level I and level II.
62-660 Industrial Wastewater Facilities Provides minimum operation and treatment standards, and effluent limitations for industrial wastewater facilities.  Establishes the design, treatment and operation requirements of general permits for laundromats, pesticide waste degradation systems, car wash systems, sand and limestone mines, and tomato wash water.
62-670 Feedlot and Dairy Wastewater Treatment and Management Requirements  Establishes the design, construction and operation requirements for animal feeding operations, dairy farms in the lake Okeechobee drainage basin, and commercial egg production facilities.  Establishes definition of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.
62-671 Phosphate Mining Waste Treatment Requirements  Establishes effluent guidelines, limits and standards for mineral mining and processing, and new source requirements.
62-672 Minimum Requirements for Earthen Dams, Phosphate Mining and Processing Operations Part I provides requirements for phosphate mining and beneficiation operations including new dam construction, operational requirements, inspections, contingency plans, and non-clay phosphate mining impoundments.  Part II provides requirements for phosphogypsum stack system impoundments which includes construction, assessment, operational, procedural, inspection, and maintenance requirements for perimeter earthen dikes and phosphogypsum stacks. Training, contingency plans and emergency measures are also included.
62-673 Phophogypsum Management  Contains procedures and permitting requirements for phosphogypsum stack systems. Also provides operational and closure requirements.
62-699 Treatment Plant Classification and Staffing Establishes minimum staffing requirements for facilities based on capacity and type of treatment process utilized by the facility.

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