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Water Resource Caution Areas


Map of Water Resource Caution Areas in FloridaWater resource caution areas are areas that have critical water supply problems or are projected to have critical water supply problems within the next 20 years. Reuse of reclaimed water from domestic wastewater treatment facilities is required within these water resource caution areas, unless such reuse is not economically, environmentally, or technically feasible. The water management districts have identified and designated water resource caution areas as required by Chapter 62-40, F.A.C. This chapter also requires water management districts to designate water resource caution areas within the District Water Management Plans. Domestic wastewater facilities located within, discharging within, or serving a population within designated water resource caution areas are required to prepare reuse feasibility studies before receiving a permit.

The Northwest Florida Management District designated the extreme southern portion of Okaloosa, Walton, and Santa Rosa counties and the Telogia Creek Basin in Gadsden County. The Suwannee River Water Management District determined that it does not have any Water Resource Caution Areas. The St. Johns River Water Management District designated the entire district a Water Resource Caution Area. The Southwest Florida Water Management District designated four areas (Northern Tampa Bay, Eastern Tampa Bay, Highlands Ridge, and Southern). South Florida Water Management District designated approximately 90 percent of the district. These areas are important since Chapter 62-40, F.A.C., requires reuse within these designated Water Resource Caution Areas. Figure 1 below illustrates the water resource caution areas designated by the water management districts.

Last updated: November 17, 2016

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