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Florida Water Reuse Week


The third week in May is recognized as Florida Water Reuse Week - a time to bring awareness to Floridians about the importance of reusing this valuable resource.

Reuse is Responsible Use

Did you know that?

  • Floridians produce billions of gallons of wastewater every day.
  • Water reuse reduces the demands on valuable surface and ground waters used for drinking.
  • Reclaimed water is used to maintain hundreds of Florida golf courses and thousands of private residences.
  • Florida ranks number one in the country in the amount of wastewater reused for beneficial purposes every year.

Florida Water Reuse Week highlights the importance of Water Reuse—the utilization of highly treated wastewater effluent for beneficial purposes—to the sustainability of Florida’s water supply and ecosystem. Water Reuse Week was first celebrated in Florida in 2007, the year after DEP’s Reuse Program was recognized by the EPA as a Leader in Water Efficiency. The Board of Trustees of WateReuse Florida in partnership with Florida Water Environment Association and FDEP supported the Florida’s Governor in 2009 through 2013 in celebrating Florida Water Reuse Week around the third week in May.

Join in the Celebration

City and county governments, water and wastewater utilities, water management districts, state agencies, engineering firms, and other organizations are invited to join in the celebration. Simply adopt a proclamation declaring and supporting Water Reuse Week. Feel free to modify the draft proclamation to suit your organization’s activities, interests, and needs, and adjust for the appropriate year.

Please, don’t forget to provide a copy of your proclamation to Florida’s Water Reuse Coordinator so that we can list you among the supporters on this webpage.

Supporters Water Reuse Week 2016

Florida Water Reuse Trail

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, WateReuse Florida, and the Florida Water Environment Association’s Water Reuse Committee is developing the Florida Water Reuse Trail--a route around and through Florida designed to feature exemplary water reuse projects in Florida.

Last updated: November 17, 2016

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