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Corner of tabWater Reuse Program

Uses of Reclaimed Water


Reclaimed water can be used for many purposes including:

  • Urban uses such as toilet flushing, car washing, dust control, and aesthetic purposes (i.e. decorative lakes, ponds, and fountains)
  • Agricultural uses such as irrigation of edible food crops such as, citrus, corn, and soybeans; other crops such as, pasture lands, grasslands, and other feed and fodder crops; and irrigation at nurseries.
  • Wetlands creation, restoration, and enhancement.
  • Recharging ground water with the use of rapid infiltration basins (percolation ponds), absorption fields, and direct injection to ground waters.
  • Augmentation of surface waters that are used for drinking water supplies.
  • Industrial uses including plant wash down, processing water, and cooling water purposes.

Last updated: June 30, 2015

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