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Senate Bill (SB) 536 Study

Study Requirements

Photo of water and skySB 536, which passed in the 2014 legislative session, requires "DEP, in coordination with stakeholders shall conduct a comprehensive study and submit a report on the expansion of use of reclaimed water, stormwater, and excess surface water in this state." 

  • Hold a minimum of two public meetings to gather input on the study.
  • Provide opportunity for public to submit written comments before submitting the report.
  • Submit report to Governor, Senate President, Speaker of the House no later than December 1, 2015, that includes the following:
  • Identification of measures that would lead to the efficient use for reclaimed water.
  • Identification of environmental, engineering, public health, public perception, and fiscal constraints of expansion, including utility rate structures for reclaimed water.
  • Identification of areas in the state where traditional water supply sources are limited and the use of reclaimed water, stormwater, or excess surface water for irrigation or other purposes is necessary.
  • Recommendation of permit incentives, such as extending current authorization for long-term consumptive use permits for all entities that substitute reclaimed water for traditional water sources that become unavailable or otherwise cost prohibitive.
  • Determination of the feasibility, benefit, and cost estimate of the infrastructure needed to construct regional storage features on public or private lands for reclaimed water, stormwater, and excess surface water, including the collection and delivery mechanisms for beneficial uses such as agricultural irrigation, power generation, public water supply, wetland restoration, groundwater recharge, and waterbody base flow augmentation.

Study Team's Organizational Representatives

  • FDEP - Janet Llewellyn and Carolyn Voyles
  • DACS - Rich Buddell
  • FDOT - Rick Renna
  • NWFWMD - Leigh Brooks
  • SFWMD - Mark Elsner
  • SJRWMD - Ann Shortelle and Joanne Chamberlain
  • SRWMD - Tom Kiger and Carlos Herd  
  • SWFWMD - Mark Hammond

Public Workshop Materials & Stakeholder Comments

Presentation materials from the SB 536 public workshops are available from the links below.  Stakeholder comments, received to date, can be accessed through DEP's FTP site.

SB 536 Study Stakeholders Email List
To become an SB 536 Study stakeholder and receive emails and updates relating to the study or to manage your current subscription, please enter your contact information below.

If you’d like more information, or to provide comments, email us at SB536Study@dep.state.fl.us.


Last updated: October 15, 2015

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