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Florida's Reuse Projects

St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg Dual Distribution System -- Highly treated reclaimed water is made available in a separate piping system for landscape irrigation, including the irrigation of more than 9,992 residential lawns, 61 schools, 111 parks, and 6 golf courses. This is one of the most widely known reuse systems in the world. The system has been in operation since 1977. An average of about 17.7 mgd of reclaimed water was reused in 2003 to irrigate the spring training grounds of a major league baseball team, and in cooling towers at the Tropicana Dome.
Florida Citrus Grove CONSERV II -- This award-winning project serves portions of both Orange County and Orlando. Highly treated reclaimed water is piped about 20 miles west of Orlando and is used to irrigate about 10,035 acres of citrus groves, 7 foliage and landscape nurseries, 2 tree farms, 3 ferneries, and the Orange County National Golf Center. An extensive network of rapid infiltration basins is used to recharge ground water. The capacity of the system is 65.5 mgd. About 20.0 mgd of reclaimed water was used for irrigation and 16.7 mgd was used for ground water recharge in 2003.
Project APRICOT Project APRICOT -- This project provides reclaimed water for irrigation of residential lawns and greenspace in Altamonte Springs. Reclaimed water also is used in a commercial car wash, in street sweeping equipment, and to fight fires. The capacity of this reuse system is 12.1 mgd and about 5.7 mgd of reclaimed water was reused in 2003. This project pioneered the use of hose bibbs (faucets) in Florida.
Orlando Wetlands Orlando Wetlands -- Orlando created a 1,640-acre wetlands system using reclaimed water from the Iron Bridge advanced wastewater treatment facility. The wetlands are the centerpiece of a public park and nature preserve featuring hiking, jogging, biking, and nature observation. Up to 20 mgd of reclaimed water may be used to supply this wetland system. In 2003, about 18.1 mgd of reclaimed water was used in the wetlands system.
Tallahassee Spray Irrigation System Tallahassee Spray Irrigation System -- Florida’s capital city irrigates over 2,200 acres with reclaimed water. Corn, soybeans, coastal Bermuda grass, and other feed and fodder crops are grown. Cattle graze on the irrigated lands during portions of the year. Tallahassee has used reclaimed water for agricultural irrigation since 1966. The capacity of this award-winning reuse system is 27.4 mgd and about 17.0 mgd was reused in 2003.
Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville Gainesville -- The City makes extensive use of reclaimed water from the 10-mgd Kanapaha treatment facility. In the Southwest Reuse Project, reclaimed water is used to irrigate residential lawns, golf courses, parks, and other landscaped areas. Reclaimed water is used for irrigation and in water features at the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. In addition, reclaimed water meeting drinking water standards recharges the Floridan Aquifer via deep wells. Approximately 2.2 mgd is used to irrigate golf courses, residential areas, and botanical gardens while 7.9 mgd of reclaimed water is used to recharge the ground water.
Reedy Creek - Disney Golf Course
(Photo by the Walt Disney Company)
Reedy Creek Utilities -- This utility provides reclaimed water for irrigation of landscaped areas within the Walt Disney World Resort Complex. Five golf courses, landscaped areas at five hotels, highway medians, and a water park are irrigated using reclaimed water. Reclaimed water is also used to irrigate a 110-acre tree farm which produces horticultural materials for use throughout the Disney Complex, and to wash Disney tour buses. A network of 85 rapid infiltration basins are used for ground water recharge. The permitted capacity of the reuse system is 15 mgd. About 4.6 mgd of reclaimed water was used for irrigation and 5.2 mgd was used for ground water recharge in 2003.

Last updated: September 21, 2011

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