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Reuse Inventory Database and Annual Report

FDEP maintains the largest and most comprehensive databases of permitted reuse systems in the world. Domestic wastewater treatment facilities (0.1 million gallons per day and greater) that provide reclaimed water are required to submit annual reuse reports, using DEP Form 62-610.300(4)(a)2, to FDEP as well as the applicable water management district. These annual reports are the basis for FDEPís reuse inventory database, from which a reuse inventory report is compiled and published annually.

Download the 2016 Reuse Inventory Report


Download the complete set of 2016 Reuse Inventory Appendices (MSExcel format)

Hard copies and electronic versions of inventory reports from previous years and data from previous years may also be available. Please contact the FDEP reuse coordinator or specialist for details.

National Reuse Database

The National WateReuse Association has compiled a comprehensive web database of water reuse facilities and programs in the U.S. The FDEP reuse inventory database was used to populate this national database; however, this effort may not yet be complete. For more information, access the National Water Reuse Database.

Reuse Flow Per Capita for the Nine States that Reported Having Reuse in 2006

State Population
(2006 est)
Reported Reuse1
in Millions of
Gallons per Day
Reuse per Capita
in Gallons per
Day per Person
Florida 18,019,093 663.0 36.79 1
California 36,121,296 580.02 16.06 2
Virginia 7,628,347 11.2 1.46 3
Texas 23,367,534 31.4 1.34 4
Arizona 6,178,251 8.2 1.33 5
Colorado 4,751,474 5.2 1.09 6
Nevada 2,484,196 2.6 1.03 7
Idaho 1,461,183 0.7 0.50 8
Washington3 6,360,529 0 0 9

1From the Water Reuse Foundation National Database of Water Reuse Facilities Summary Report, 2006
2The reuse data for California was updated in the National Database using data from Californiaís 2002 reuse survey, which was previously missing. So while the 2006 Summary Report reported 87 MGD of reuse for California, the actual reuse flow was more like 580 MGD.
3The state of Washington reported reuse systems and reuse pipe, but no reuse flow as of 2006.

Last updated: June 22, 2017

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