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Industrial Uses of Reclaimed Water


Power Plant's Hyperbolic Cooling TowersCurtis Stanton Energy Center: The 2 large, hyperbolic cooling towers at this power plant use over 8.0 mgd of reclaimed water to cool the plantís boilers. The plant receives its high-level disinfected reclaimed water from the Orange County Easterly domestic wastewater treatment facility in Orlando.

Vero Beach Municipal Power Plant: The Vero Beach wastewater treatment facility provides this power plant with 0.1 mgd of high-level disinfected reclaimed water for use in its cooling tower.

McIntosh Power Plant: The 5.4 mgd of reclaimed water used for cooling purposes at this plant receives intermediate level disinfection from Lakelandís domestic wastewater treatment facility.

Falkenberg Road Resource Recovery Facility: Hillsborough Countyís Falkenberg Road wastewater treatment facility provides 1.0 mgd of high-level disinfection reclaimed water to this waste-to-energy facility for cooling water purposes.

McKay Bay Refuse to Energy Facility: This Tampa facility receives 4.9 mgd of high-level disinfection reclaimed water from the Howard F. Curren WWTF to be used for cooling water.

University of Florida Co-Generation Facility: The cooling towers at this facility use about 0.4 mgd of high-level disinfection reclaimed water for cooling water. The facility receives its reclaimed water from the University of Florida wastewater treatment facility.

Florida Power Plant (south of Bartow): This plant uses reclaimed water for non-contact cooling using large cooling ponds. It receives 2.0 mgd of basic disinfection reclaimed water from the Bartow WWTP.

Last updated: November 17, 2016

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