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Funding for Domestic Wastewater Projects


DEP helps to fund domestic wastewater projects through the State Revolving Loan Fund, the State Financially Disadvantaged Small Community Grant, and the State Bond Loan programs.

The State Revolving Loan Fund is administered by the Department of Environmental Protection through the State Revolving Fund Program. It makes low-interest loans available for construction, rehabilitation, and replacement of facilities needed to collect, treat, dispose of, or reuse municipal wastewater. It is a revolving fund because loan repayments are used to make additional loans. Over the past 10 years, domestic wastewater treatment facilities received over 0.9 billion dollars through the state revolving loan fund. Many domestic wastewater projects throughout the state received a significant portion of these monies.

The State Financially Disadvantaged Small Community Grant program is administered by the DEP through the State Revolving Fund Program. It makes available 65 to 85 percent grants for wastewater improvements to communities of 7,500 population or less in which the per capita income is below the state average per capita income. First grants were offered around July 2000.

The State Bond Loan program is jointly administered by the DEP and the Division of Bond Finance of the State Board of Administration. Cities, counties, districts, authorities, and other local agencies are eligible for receipt of this loan. This fund can be used for the construction of domestic wastewater facilities.

For more information on funding projects visit State Revolving Fund Program.

Last updated: November 07, 2016

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