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Coordination for Reuse Projects


Several state agencies are involved in reuse. In order to effectively coordinate the state’s reuse program, the DEP, the PSC, and the five water management districts formed the Reuse Coordinating Group in 1992. Today, the Department of Health (DOH), the Department of Community Affairs (DCA), and the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (DACS) also also members of the group. The groupe meets regularly to coordinate reuse related activities and to promote communication between the member agencies.

The DEP coordinates the reuse program, administers the domestic wastewater permitting program, and has the primary responsibility for administering water quality programs. The DEP’s Reuse Coordinator chairs the group. The water management districts are responsible for designating water resource caution areas, issuing consumptive use permits, and other water quantity issues. Water management districts may impose reuse requirements in consumptive use permits for facilities in Water Resource Caution Areas. The PSC regulates rates for investor-owned utilities located in 37 Florida counties. These utilities are able to distribute the costs of reuse facilities among water, wastewater, and reclaimed water customers. The Department of Health serves as a technical advisor for public health issues. The DOH is also represented on the Reuse Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services is involved in agricultural reuse projects. The Department of Community Affairs worked with DEP to make the Building Codes consistent with Florida rules and statutes that allow for reuse within buildings.

In 1991, the DEP, in cooperation with the five water management districts and the PSC, published the Guidelines for Preparation of Reuse Feasibility Studies for Applicants Having Responsibility for Wastewater Management in order to define the contents of reuse feasibility studies for cities, counties, and other entities required to prepare them.

Below is a list of Reuse Coordinating Group members.

  • Reuse Coordinator - Department of Environmental Protection
  • Robert Vincent - Department of Health
  • Patricia Renish - St. Johns River Water Management District
  • Rick Nevulis - South Florida Water Management District
  • Jody Lee/Bill Bartnik - Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs
  • Leigh Brooks - Northwest Florida Water Management District
  • Dale Jenkins - Suwannee River Water Management District
  • Anthony Andrade - Southwest Florida Water Management District
  • Vacant - Public Service Commission
  • Jeff Caster/Ashley Binder - Florida Department of Transportation
  • Chris Ferraro/Lisa Self - District Offices of the Department of Environmental Protection

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DEP/Water Management District Coordination The DEP issues permits for domestic wastewater treatment facilities – potential sources of reclaimed water. The water management districts issue consumptive use permits to users of water – potential users of reclaimed water. Coordination is needed to ensure that Florida takes advantage of opportunities to match potential reclaimed water sources with potential customers. As a result, representatives of the permitting programs in the six DEP districts meet regularly with their counterparts in the five water management districts to better coordinate permitting activities of reuse projects in Florida.

Last updated: November 17, 2016

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