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Nonpoint Source Management Program


The Nonpoint Source Management Program is responsible for the implementation of the State of Florida's nonpoint source management programs. These programs are implemented cooperatively by the Department of Environmental Protection, Florida's water management districts, other state agencies (i.e., Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Department of Health), local governments, and by the public. The goal of these programs is to minimize nonpoint source pollution ("Pointless Personal Pollution") from new land use activities and to reduce pollution from existing activities.

The Nonpoint Source Management Section administers the following programs:

  • State Stormwater Management Program Coordination, pursuant to Sections 403.061(32) and 403.0891, F.S.
  • State Stormwater Management Program training and certification programs pursuant to Section 403.0896, F.S.
  • State Nonpoint Source Management Program pursuant to Section 319 of the Federal Clean Water Act. This program brings in about $9 million per year in federal grant funds that are used to reduce nonpoint sources of pollution in priority SWIM water bodies. Involves development, refinement, and coordinating program implementation which is carried out by various DEP programs along with programs administered by other state agencies, the water management districts and local governments. Emphasis is on technical assistance and public education about pointless personal pollution. (Final reports and 319 grant summaries are available from the "Project Summaries page".)
  • Coastal Nonpoint Source Management Program pursuant to Section 6217 of the Federal Coastal Zone Act Reauthorization Amendments. Coordinate implementation of this program, especially with the Florida Coastal Management Program, which is the state's lead coastal management agency.
  • Clean Lakes Program pursuant to Section 314 of the Federal Clean Water Act. Federal funds are no longer available for this program although the implementation of lake restoration activities may be funded from the Section 319 grant program.

Staff and Responsibility

Each staff person has a specialized area of nonpoint source expertise. However, most of the section's staff have been cross trained and conduct activities under both the State Stormwater Management Program and the State Nonpoint Source Management Program. All staff serve as project managers for federally funded NPS projects, provide technical assistance, and conduct public education programs. Total staff resources in the section include:

  • Kathryn Brackett, Environmental Administrator - Section 319 Grant administrator, urban stormwater. Phone 850-245-2952
  • Holly Powless, Administrative Assistant II. Phone 850-245-7508
  • Hal Lunsford, Environmental Specialist Stormwater, Erosion and Sedimentation Control inspector training and certification program. Phone 850-245-8294
  • Patti Sanzone, Environmental Specialist - On-site wastewater disposal, public education. Phone 850-245-2949
  • Michael Scheinkman, Environmental Specialist - Clean Lakes program, lake management. Florida Yards and Neighborhoods. Phone 850-245-2951
  • Michael Thomas, Ph.D., Professional Engineer - Agricultural NPS management BMPs, golf course BMPs. Phone 850-245-7513
  • Dave Worley, Environmental Specialist - Coastal NPS, land use planning. Phone 850-245-7514
  • Misty Alderman, Environmental Specialist - NPS Bioassessment Program. Phone 850-245-2946
  • Amanda Peck, Environmental Specialist - BMP efficiencies  Phone 850-245-2948
  • Taufiqul Aziz, Environmental Specialist Everglades. Phone 850-245-2950

Nonpoint Source Management Program
2600 Blair Stone Road  Mail Station 3570
Tallahassee, FL, 32399-2400
Phone (850) 245-7508


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