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Agricultural Pollution Prevention


Within the section, agricultural nonpoint source pollution issues are primarily addressed by a non-regulatory agricultural engineer. We are dedicated to reducing adverse impacts on the environment and helping the agricultural sector to comply with environmental regulations while sustaining a vigorous and profitable agricultural industry in Florida. This is accomplished through development and dissemination of Best Management Practices, cost-share funding of demonstration projects using Federal 319 grant funds, and consultation and discussion with the agricultural community.

We work closely with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; researchers at the University of Florida and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University; county extension offices; the USDA-NRCS; and various agricultural groups throughout the state.

We track agricultural research worldwide via electronic and other means and serve as a source of agricultural expertise to Department personnel involved in regulatory activity.

We are also heavily involved in the golf course industry. There are over 1100 golf courses in Florida. While not true agriculture, from an environmental standpoint a golf course may be considered an intensively managed turf grass farm. We work closely with the golf industry to minimize the environmental impact of golf course operations.

In an attempt to reduce publication and printing costs, as well as obtaining a wider distribution, we are making available our publications in electronic form via our publications page. Please feel free to download and distribute these public documents.  In addition, many new BMPs that have been or may be adopted by Rule are located at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Office of Water Policy web site.

Agricultural Regulatory Issues such as animal waste and food processing plant wastes are addressed by the Industrial Wastewater Section of the Bureau of Water Facilities Regulation.

Nonpoint Source Management Program
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