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Hydrogeologic Framework


Download statewide version of Hydrogeologic Framework Document (10MB)Edited by Thomas Scott, Jacqueline Lloyd, and Gary Maddox, and coordinated by Rick Copeland, this publication is the first in a series which presents the results of the Ambient Monitoring Program's ground water sampling. It is primarily a series of maps which portray the basic hydrogeologic conditions present within the principal aquifer systems of Florida, i.e. Florida's hydrogeological framework. This publication is also known as Special Publication 32 of the Florida Geological Survey.

These maps were prepared by the five Florida water management districts, FDEP and the Florida Geological Survey. Most were compiled on the water management districts' base maps. Types of maps include: isopach and structure contour maps of the aquifer systems and their confining units, areas of aquifer recharge, and geomorphology, as well as various others. The publication has been divided into 5 individual files (by water management district) for electronic distribution.

Available in Adobe Acrobat format, for the following geographic areas or Download the complete statewide version.  (10MB).

Last updated: September 21, 2011

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